Filipinos uniquely express & solicit affection, in words &....beyond words. Discover the lost Art of Pakiramdam. Our ancestral & indigenous way of sensing the other...beyond words
Filipino kids walking in the rain

Kumain ka na?

San ka pupunta?


Attune to the Unique Ways Filipinos Express Love...Beyond Words

Sounds familiar?

Why Can't YOU Just Say What You Mean, Rather Than-

  • Those kainis (irritating) SILENT TREATMENTS

  • The Undeniable DABOG ( creating intentional loud noises as a way to voice out upset, irritation, or anger)

  • Those shameless PARINIG ( voicing out complaints but using a third person to indirectly reach you). 

  • Those PUNA (pointing out usually negative attributes) that never seem to go out of style 

Filipinos' CO-REGULATING STRATEGIES (seeking others for comfort) is intertwined with the way we seek & express affection.

This MASTERCLASS is one of its kind, informed with the science of Attachment Theory so you can create a more satisfying Filipino relationship(s) words &....beyond words.

This Masterclass Will Help You


    DISCOVER the lost art of Pakiramdam providing you alternate meanings to your current Filipino relationships.

  • HONE

    HONE your skills in reading affection-seeking behaviors, attuning to your loved ones’ affection cues while receiving & giving the love you deserve.


    BEGIN your journey to be in a more satisfying Filipino relationship(s) whether with your mom, dad, kuya, ate or your partner.


  • Why do I have to be the one to make the change?

  • I'm not in the Philippines, why do I have to learn all of these things?

  • THEY (parents/elders) should be the one learning this stuff, adjusting to the American lifestyle.


  • Making a point to someone who speaks a language, you can't speak nor understand. Ay!

  •  You may try to speak louder, stomp your feet, widen your eye, throw your hands in the no avail. Ay again!

  • But what if you can speak that other language just enough to get your point across? Ayun!

Imagine that in your Filipino relationships. YOU deserve that.

In this Masterclass, YOU will discover a whole new meaning to the way Filipinos seek & give love so that YOU begin to enrich & receive that Pinoy Love YOU DESERVE.

Your Instructor

cultural whisperer

Roanne de Guia-Samuels

Roanne is a licensed Psychotherapist Mom of 4. An immigrant twice in America. Roanne has frequented at least 500 Filipino household & counting. She is the author of the book: 5 Pinoy Love Languages & the creator of the presentation entitled: Filipino Core Values & Considerations in Culturally-Responsive Care presented to various organizations including the U.C. Davis Disparity Research Team. She was the lead clinician for Solano County's Filipino Outreach Project for 5 years. Today she is a psychotherapist in private practice. She is a lover of Kapeng Barako (straight from Batangas) , a gardener-wanna-be & enjoys belly-laughing with her children.

Student Love

by Alyssa

I can listen to Roanne for days. She truly is a cultural whisperer. Her tone and insight is so invaluable in learning myself & how I navigate my space as a Filipina.

Bonus material

Cultivate deeper relationship with yourself & with your Pinoy Relationships

  • 25 Tender Start-Up

    A compilation of Conversation Start-ups that is culturally tailored with the Filipinx in mind.

  • Reflection Workbook

    Prompting reflection on how cultural meanings of affection shaped the way you view your world.

Your Bonus Pack

Prompting reflection on your new discoveries on the cultural meanings of affection.

The MasterClass


  • 1


    • How to Get the Most Out of Your Masterclass

    • One Question Survey

  • 2

    LESSON 1

    • Pakiramdam (Attunement): The Art of Sensing The Other

  • 3

    LESSON 2

    • Collective Co-Regulation in the Philippines

  • 4

    LESSON 3

    • Co-Regulation in Immigration: Loosing & Gaining

  • 5

    LESSON 4

    • Reconciling Between Co-Regulation & Self-Regulation

  • 6

    LESSON 5

    • Finding Affection in Words & Beyond Words

  • 7

    Bonus PDF

    • 25 Tender Start-Ups

    • Masterclass Reflection Workbook

Price for a limited time


  • When can I access the content & for how long?

    Lifetime & immediate access, how does that sound?

  • I'm non-Filipino, is this masterclass for me?

    If you're interested in learning about the Filipino culture, this is for you whether you identify as Filipino or not.

  • Is this only for Filipino Americans?

    Most of the concepts in this masterclass relates to the western culture. However, I created this with Filipino Americans in mind. You can tailor the learnings here specific to the western culture you belong to.

  • What's Your Refund Policy

    Unfortunately, due to the delivery method of this content (instant), no refund will be in place. It's important that you are happy though so please reach out if you have any feedback & we'll do our best to satisfy your needs.